How to extract data from multiple pages


I have a situation where i need to fetch list of job postions from linkedin and within each position iI need to fetch the following details

1) Position Name
2) Company Name
3) Location
4) JD
5) Contact person name
6) Seniority Level
7) Industry
8) Employment Type
9) Job Functions

After extraction I need to export these details in an excel sheet

Now, everyone must be aware that the layout of linkedin job post is that on the job listing page the following details are present

1) Position Name
2) Company Name
3) Location

And after clicking on the position name, another page gets opened in which rest of the details of that particular position are given.

Through data scraping I was able to capture first three data for the list of job post but I am not able to understand how should I capture the data from second page and create a list of multiple job post in excel sheet

Would appreciate if someone could help me with it


  • I believe position name has url(as it is redirect to second page) .So you can extract url with position name while doing data scraping and save it in excel.
  • Now you can read the url column and open the browser and extract the required details using relative scraping and put it back to excel again.

Can you detail a little how to proceed
I have the same problem and I can not move on
Thank you