Browser data scrape issue

Hi everyone,
I have a scenario which I’m trying to solve. I’m trying to extract data from LinkedIn but I’m unable to extract complete data. I’m trying to extract details from LinkedIn like.
Ex: Jobs - i need to search UiPath jobs and i need to extract all jobs. But I’m unable to extract all data I’m able to extract only half data rest of the data I’m not able to extract. Each page having 25 jobs but I’m able to extract only 7-10 jobs from page. I think we might need to load the total jobs first but I’m unable to load.
I tried page down option and control+end option this is also not working. Can anyone help me on this.


You should to page down or scrolling till end using mouse scroll in loop…the load happens incremental



It seems like the issue you’re facing with extracting complete data from LinkedIn while searching for UiPath jobs could be related to the way the page content is loaded. Sometimes, web scraping tools encounter limitations due to how the information is presented or loaded on a webpage.

One potential workaround that has been effective for some users in similar situations is adjusting the browser zoom. Zooming out the browser view might allow more content to load at once on the screen, potentially enabling your scraping process to capture a greater number of job listings per page.

Press Ctrl and - (minus) keys together to zoom out in most popular browsers

Zooming out the browser might allow more job listings to load within the visible area of the screen, improving the chances of capturing a larger amount of data.

Hello @Beginner1234

  1. Open Browser

    Navigate to: “LinkedIn Job Search: Find US Jobs, Internships, Jobs Near Me

  2. Scroll Down

    Use a loop to scroll down multiple times to load more job listings

  3. Data Scraping

    Set up data scraping to extract job details (title, company, location, etc.)
    Use the “Extract Structured Data” activity or similar

  4. Pagination

    Click the “Next” button to navigate to the next page of job listings
    Use a loop to continue to the next pages
    Implement error handling for the end of listings

  5. Close Browser

Thanks & Cheers!!!