Extract list items inside java internal frame

hi All ,
i am not able to get any selector to navigate inside the list items in the following box. any help will be really good. thanks in advance

I’ve had the same issue with Oracle. Those select list items don’t have individual selectors.

What I’ve done to work around this limitation:

  1. type the item value in the find field
  2. click the find button
  3. if item values are unique you can then click OK knowing that you clicked the correct item.

but the problem is they are not unique . they always return multiple values.

i am thinking find children may be of some use. but am struggling to give the filter value

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any way to get individual selectors or precise clicks. We try to use unique values as much as possible to avoid this.

The only other thing I can this of is if the values aren’t unique, how do normal users know which select list value to chose? Is there anyway you could implement similar logic?

lol, that application you are automating could get a little better :upside_down_face:

well , its not the question of uniqueness , its the fact that your intended value falls under some pattern.
say eg , i want to choose A.M Truck , there may be other values like A.M TruckTiers etc.,
so when i search for my intend values i get other similar values also (automatically % symbol comes)

its done. solved.
the inner elements does have some selectors but when you put it , you will not get highlighted by the explorer.how ever if you use the find children activity , you can get these selectors. so in my case , if i have a list box of 100 elements , find children returns 100 elements . (filter expression being the tag in which the name of the children (list items ) are there. in my case it is < java/ > .
it indeed worked. say here , my requirement is to select the last element always. i will get the count of the children and press down arrows those many times. you can even play with specific list item by playing with the “selector” property of the each child ui element. !!!

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