Acess item of children generated in "Find children" Activity

Hello, I`m trying to acess an specific attribute of all children generate by a “Find Children” activity. The attribute would be the “Selector”. The below image explains it better.

How can I be able to store all children “selector” in an array, for example.


Hi Welcome to the community!
You kind of already have that there, unless you really only need the selector, you can use a For Each and loop each one inside it.

In this case, if I try to “Write Line” my element.ToString, it returns me “UiElement” for every children, like i dont have acess to the individual content

you can use a Get Attribute inside your loop and use element as the Element property.


e.g. for a write line you can use whithin the loop: loopvar.Get(attributename").toString
loopvar = the variablename that you have defined e.g. item, element … within the for each activity

Coming back to your initial question:

How can I be able to store all children “selector” in an array

findChildrenOutputVariable.Select(Function (x) x.Selector.toString).toArray