Data Scraping issue: Scrape all rows except the last one

Hello all,

i’m experiencing a weird issue when using the data scraping activity in a web based (google Chrome) application. I have used the scraping settings where I indicate the first column and add another column with extract correlated data. I have tried selecting the first and last row and also tried various ways of selecting other combinations but the robot always returns the same result. Example: there are 25 items available in the datatable but the robot will return 24 and ignore the last row. see the Extract MetaData below:

The other activity settings:

When I set Continueonerror on False the robot will return an error message ’ timeout exceeded’ no matter if I set the Timeout on 40 or 60 seconds.

Unfortunately I can’t share the webpage with the datatable because it contains sensitive information.

this is my first post so if information is missing please let me know.

looking forward to a response. thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Can you check in chrome developer tools if the last row is different than the others?
Maybe other css classes?

If yes, how does it differ?

Hi Tobi,

Thank you for your reply, sorry for my late response.

I have checked for a difference in the table rows but the code is not showing me any differences besides the row counter (DXDataRow5 and DXDataRow6)

I opened both of the codes to check for differences in the cells but they weren’t there neither.

What do you advise?

@efaid , I think Delay activity may work for this. If you add delay before data scraping, it can give you result.

@nirmalya.sarkar thanks for your input.

I have tried adding the delay activity before the robot starts scraping the datatable. unfortunately this doesn’t show any difference in results. I also make use of the delay between pages as seen in screenshots from the original question.

Just scrape them all then delete the last row from the datatable.

@postwick can you elaborate?

I have the issue that the last row is not extracted whilst I need this. If I delete the last row how would this benefit me?

Oh, from your title it sounded like scraping everything except the last row is your goal.

ah ok. It happens :slight_smile: