Get data from last cell in column



How can I tell A+B Assign to only get the data in the last cell of the column?
Now it extracts all the rows.

warranty.xaml (8.8 KB)



@Niels_Frederickx, You can access the last column as follow when you are in for each,

row(dt.Columns.Count-1) .ToString

will be your last column of that row. Note: dt - Your datatable Variable

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Unfortunately I’m getting an error

warrantyError.xaml (8.8 KB)


@Niels_Frederickx,The problem is in Extract Structured Data that you have used. Please make sure that you point the table you wanna extract in web properly.

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It was the chrome extension. I needed to reinstall it before it was recognized again by UiPath.

Unfortunately it still is outputting 2 results instead of the last one.
warranty2.xaml (8.8 KB)



This might be because the extracted column might have a merged data.
Can you share the screenshot of the datatable you are extracting ?

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Is this what you need?

Actual page:

The data I need will always be the lowest and most right of the table.

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Use dt(dt.Rows.Count-1)(dt.Columns.Count-1).TOString in assign activity and assign to string variable.

dt - your datatable variable

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Sorry, Still nu luck.
UiPath is now asking for a column.






Missed “S” in column

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Thanks for helping me out.
It works perfectly now!