Web Extraction


I have Extracted a table in web page , in that data table might be dynamic,
datatable contains one colummn as hyperlink

I want to click last row hyperlink in datatable


SI.no column 1 coulumn 2 column 3
1 a b link
2 c d link
3 e f link
4 g h link

I above table row might be dynamic but I want to click Column 3 last hyperlink only

please provide some solution


gives the last row data


if you want to find the last row value of column3


here datatable is your variable

Hey @Balaharish_T ,

You can achieve it by using the below linq in an assign activity

Assign activity Left side

Assign activity Right side

dt.AsEnumerable.Select(Function(x) x("column 3")).Last

So this linq will basically get all the column 3 values in an array and fetches the last item in that array

Hope it helps you out

Hi @Balaharish_T , You can use “Go to url " activity to navigate to the links mentioned there in excel " column3”. For more details, please refer the link : https://docs.uipath.com/activities/other/latest/ui-automation/n-go-to-url

To get the last row, you can use : datatable(datatable.rows.count-1).item(“Column3”)