Clicking on Links after Data Scrapping


So below is my scenario:

  1. Open browser - Open a URL
  2. Click on Download all button
  3. it will open a pop up
    In that pop up there are 4 links, which i need to click one by one.
    However, the no. of links can be dynamic as this is an everyday activity.

Note: I have used Data Scrapping to extract all the links and it fine till that point.
Now i need to click each link one after another.
Currently, it is clicking on the first link only.

How do i make it dynamic and make it click on all links one after another

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Hi @Jigar,
If you have successfully scrapped the links you could just keep them in DataTable or List and use Navigate To or Open Browser activity and put each index (with link) to it instead of clicking each one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply but its a small pop up that opens up and its within same URL.

Therefore, not getting any URL after scrapping.

Note: Scrapped items are the link actually and now i want to click one after another

Buddy @Jigar

  1. use a attach window and select that popup as element
  2. inside attach window use a find text position and pass the variable that stores the value of data scrapping …this would get the uielement as output
  3. now use a click activity and pass the above uielement type variable as input to the element property in click activity (no selectors to be chosen)
    —this method would work buddy


in click activity you can pass the variable that has the link to the selector in click activity…with aaname attribute like this
aaname = ’ " + invariablename.ToString.Trim + " ’

Kindly try any of these possibilities and let know buddy
Cheers @Jigar

Its not working.

Can you suggest on how can i about reading a multi line text or search for a multi line text?

Basically my data scrapping is reading/extracting the links that i intend to click. However, its not clicking on the link after extraction.

Tried, click, Click OCR, Find text etc.
Even manipulated the selectors to perform dynamic activity but none worked as i intend to.

Any help?

Buddy can you come again with your process…sorry i didn’t get that now…Cheers @Jigar

  1. Open browser, navigating to the screen with button “Download All”
  2. Clicking on “Download All” opens a small pop up box where there are 4-5 different links that says " [Download Recordings Package 1 of 4], 2 of 4, 3, of 4 etc… depending on how many total recordings are availble, it varies
  3. I performed Data scrapping, where it extracts these links (verified)
  4. using for loop and proving the data table from data scrapping, i am trying to select any one link or region and making it dynamic to click on each link one after another.

My end point is, i need to click each link one by one and it needs to be dynamic depending on how many recordings are there…

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Buddy @Jigar

once you get the value from for each row loop with each link, use a click ocr text activity and pass the input to the text property with that variable and select the ui element where to search for that text and make a click on it

Hope this would help you buddy @Jigar

I’ve done a similar process recently and you need to use a dynamic selector. Click one of the links and see what elements make it unique for that item (e.g. 2 of 4 in the link title) then use an assign to create a dynamic selector which is passed to the click activity and changes for each item title you click.

Once done, you can just iterate through the datatable and it should click on the current item and move onto the next until all have been clicked

Hi Andy,

How do i make it dynamic.
This is my Selector for the first link

I need to make 1 of 4 dynamic so that bot can click on 2 of 4, 3 of 4 and 4 of 4.


Could you please post your selector here. I can’t see any selector in above post.

Hi Lakshman,

My selector is

i need to keep “3” as variable…as that is going to be changing


Could you please remove double quotes and arrow marks and then post your selector here.

webctrl idx=‘3’ tag=‘DATATABLE-BODY-CELL’


Try like this:

webctrl idx=’ “+index.Tostring+” ’ tag=‘DATATABLE-BODY-CELL’

Can you send us a screen shot of the selector options from using UI Explorer on the item?

There will be some better elements to use than idx and tag which will be able to be customised to make it a dynamic selector