Extract Html table Without DataScraping

How to Extract html table without using a Data scraping Method.
there is another method for reading a html table values?

May be you can try using get attribute activity

i want the whole table.

DataScraping is not working for your case?

May we know how the table looks like?

Is the whole content of the table in an only page?

Maybe you can get the outterhtml attribute of the table and then parsing it as xml to obtain all the info you need, although, this is what DataSraping does in essence

when i am using data scraping its gives me empty values…

Could you share the url to check the table?

If you use Get Text activity in a cell, you read the text or not?

i can’t share the link because it is private.

maybe CV activities?, or try using screenscraping with tesseract OCR and try different scale until you get the desired text

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You can use Filter Datatable to remove empty rows after using Data Scraping.

Because the other solutions will be too much harder than this.

@ajay.tile it would depend on the table itself but perhaps you can try using screen scarping.

For custom data scraping the find children Activity in Combination with get Attribute can Help as Well.

Maybe you can Share some detail on the structures, Data for further suggestions. Thanks

Hi, I am extracting this epaper ( https://epaper.dawn.com/ ). i actually reuquired the complete data from page what ever is written.

But when i check its an image and there have different containers. Extracting table no have option to extract all this text one time. Can you please check

Also see the attached screenshot for your info.