Data Scrapping in HTML page

Hello Guys…
Im trying to extract data from HTML page with data scraping but I m getting error “this control does not support data extraction”
is possible to do data scrapping in HTML page or not??
Any idea please?

hi @rayan.jain7


  1. Use Build Datatable Activity
    2.Add data row
    3.Element exists activity for the entire html page
    3.While condition based on the element exists
    4.Use Get Attribute activity

Ashwin S

I want to scrap almost 1000 of data form HTML page so i can’t make data table

hi @rayan.jain7

If that is the case you can use Get Attribute activity

can you able to do ctrl+a and Ctrl +v in the html page
Ashwin S

@rayan.jain7 Download file from bfelow link