Scrape whole table with data scrapping issue

I want to scrape whole table with the use of data scrapping:-

But unfortunately i can scrape only first three columns. I am unable to scrape last two columns.

This is the Data Definition I have used:-
extract-table get_columns_name=“1” get_empty_columns=“1” columns_name_source=“Longest”

Please give the suggestions on this. Thanks in advance…!!

After scraping, you can just iterate through all the text boxes for each column, use Get Text activity then add this to your datatable from the data scraping

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Currently i am using:-
Build data table- Loop- (Get Text- Get Text- Get Text- Get Text- Add data row).
This takes more time than Data Scrapping.

Yes but you just do it for the last 2 columns Local Amount and Remarks. I think the data scraping could not read the content of the text boxes as part of the table.

Oh, Okay. I will do that.


You scrape it twice.
First data scrape for Category, code and account details.
Then again use data Scrape for Local amount, remarks.
later join both data tables as one.

I assume you are using datascrapping and will have an extract XML. Here Change the Attribute for the Last 2 cols from Text to value. In Case you need more Help please Post the extract XML Here and WE will Help you.

IT has a Chance that you can scrap Data in one Rush

Please find the workflow below:-
Main.xaml (7.1 KB)

as it is a private site I have to give some suggestions on a public site

refer to DataTables example - Form inputs
a similar case


now instead of telleing data scraper scrapping the entire table (as you had done) indicate column by column.

for the textfield later you have to change the attribute from text to value:


give a try and let us know the feedback

Hi, PPR! Can you please try and help me too? I can’t figure it out the combination to put in the ExtractMetadata to get the whole table or something similar.

column attr=‘text’ name=‘Column1’ exact=‘1’
webctrl class=‘section-label’ tag=‘p’ /
The above will only give me the 3 "p"s (Technical details, Power, Weight&dimensions)
extract-table get_columns_name=‘1’ get_empty_columns=‘1’ columns_name_source=‘Longest’ /
and this gives me only the table for Technical details.
The website is private. (I removed < and > from the code)

with a quick look i would expect 3 tables (each under the collapseable element) and there are multiple strategies on how to set up a retrieval.

Let me think a little while on how short and comprehseable I can describe and I will give you some feedback

First, thank you for your quick response!!! I will wait.

your scenario differ from this one in this Topic:
this Topic:
retrieving values from text fields
(have the corresponding tutorial here:

Your case: having three tables in an element series
(requires some different techniques)

I had implemented such scenarios in projects and would suggest to open a new Topic on this.
Also check out my additional feedack sent to you by message

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Thank you a lot! I read your article and tried some codes, still not succeeded. I created a new topic, a post. Below is the link to it. Please guide me further!

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