How to extract HTML table from web page?

I am trying to extract the HTML table from the web page, by using extract structure data activity also used data scraping but both things are not working.

I am trying to extract data from below HTML table.

better to tell us also what is not working

Hi @sambulkar

Is it possible for you to share the Link for the HTML table , I can try from my end.



If data extraction is not working then it should be possible with other approaches

  1. Screen scrapping
  2. Find children activity

For screen scrapping

For find children activity

I would suggest for find children in this case

Cheers @sambulkar

But I have to extract whole complete data from a table, which has multiple rows, does Find all children’s activity will work?


If you tried with DataScraping can you share what issue you are facing?


Yes it would
The link I shared has a example as well

Cheers @sambulkar