Extract first Value from a list in SAP

Need to fetch first value in the list in SAP Which here is W300 in the below example.



What kind of element are you dealing with?

I guess, you have alreagy tried Get Text activity?

Yes I tried get text, but i need it to be dynamic.


Can you share the selector of first two elements

It will useful for building a dynamic selector


wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘Afx:*’ title=‘listbox shell’ /
wnd cls=‘ListBox’ /
ctrl name=‘W100 Sky’ role=‘list item’ /

I tried giving name as wildcard but not working


Just to make clear, from selector above I see, that the SAP WinGUI scripting is not activated.

Activate SAP scripting and you will get much more possibilities to work with the data.

Follow docu https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/sap-wingui-configuration-steps

Best regards, Lev

Hi Levkushnir,

Ya, I checked the scripting on the client-side but on the server-side am not having permission to do it as its client-server. But at the same time, we have requested them to enable it from their side.


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