Get text and judge issue

Dear all,
I meet a new problem here need your support, and this issue confuse me always when processing SAP action.
The background is my SAP AP1 script is not fully recognized, some icons like “run” or “save” are ok to read and click precisely.
However, see below, in below area the UI selector can not be read.


For my application, I need to get certain text from one box, e.g. customer.
If the value is null or “AAA”, fill in new value as “BBB”.
If other values, go to next step.

I tried two ways/activities via screen capture of the box area, but they are both not very stable or just can’t processed.

1)Get Text
2)Text Exists

Question1: Is there any other ways to process the action more stable and efficient?
Question2: I want to express is null or “AAA”, in the assign expression, can I use: Value(Variant)=“” OR Value=“AAA” ?

Thank you!

Hi ,
I have encounter the same issue before on SAP,
this is due to the security/authorize on SAP ,

thats why u are unable to get the correct selector on that certain window ,
you might need to contact the SAP team , and ask to give authorize so robot able get the correct element.

in case the security sap team unable to give u the access then u can try to use the following :slight_smile:
1.Try to use Tab, and count how many tab u need to get on the correct column
2.can try to use OCR or Visual automation

on the question number 2 you will still need to get the text on the field then after that use if condition
if gettext value = “” or “AA”
type into activity =“BBB”

hope it helps

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HI @Allen_Huang

Have you tried with modern activities or CV Activities?

Get Text


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Thanks for the reply, I will try tab and Send hotkey(Ctrl+C) to see if it works.

No, I haven’t, I will try and see if the efficiency is good.


you can use send hotkey for tab like this :

so it wont consume much space on ur workflow

happy automate!

Ya, I’m quite familiar with this method to avoid the authorize issue, thanks for your comments.