Extract Data Table is not working correcty but Test Extraction is Okay

Where am i making a mistake i do not know and its makes me crazy…

Here is the test extraction result :point_down:


But i see strange and irrevelant results when i debug it :thinking:

Is there anybody having the same problem with me ???

@170290064 what kind of error you are facing? is it giving any error?
is it repeating again again?

Nope! There is no error sir!

Yes its repeating again and again!

@170290064 so can you explain its behavior where you felt its not working correctly?


The selector for the table is not correct. Make sure that the selector you are using is pointing to the correct table on the screen. You can use the Table Extraction wizard to help you generate a correct selector.
The table is not fully loaded. Sometimes, tables are not fully loaded when they are first displayed on the screen. This can cause the Extract Data Table activity to fail. Try refreshing the page or scrolling down the page to see if the table loads completely.
The table is not in a stable state.If the table is constantly changing, the Extract Data Table activity might not be able to keep up with the changes. Try to extract the data from the table when it is in a stable state.

@170290064 please disable your cv/image selector from datatable and next page button as well

There is no next button in the page!

Normally table is like this


But when i debug it comes like this.



Sometimes it comes with a lot of variables so its not always the same

Yes! Tables are dynamic and they are changing after transactions but i used extract data table many times in that kinda situations but this is the first time i am having a this kinda problem

But at the same time test extraction works perfectly…

Isn’t awkward :thinking:


If the tables are dynamic and change after transactions, it’s essential to ensure that your automation adapts to these changes. Make sure that the selectors and data extraction methods are robust enough to handle different table structures. You may need to update your automation to handle the variations effectively.


I am actually using Fuzzy


Is the tabular data changing everytime?


Yes! They are coming differenly for each items


When you are using the extract data table activity please do change the below properties.
copy the entire data from strict selector and paste that to fuzzy selector and also please indiate the targeting method to fuzzy selector and also make the wait for page load to complete.

Hope it works!!

Hey @170290064,

Try using ‘Get attribute’ Activity and attributes should be set to visible inner text and save it to a string variable.
Using Generate datatable from text activity convert the string variable to a Datatable (Using Options in the activity you can configure it however you like).

wait for page load = interactive or complete ???




Table came so strange that they are not even on the table such as there is no “TRY”

Where is even comes from :thinking:


can you share the webpage?


Sorry! Its private! So i cannot share it!

The problem was appearing because of use-application browser activity browser. As you said table is not in a stable state and it was confusing. I ll pay much more attention for the next times.

Happy Automation :robot: