Extract Data Table not change values

Hello, I am using data extraction, inside a for, but the extraction of the table does not change the data in the following data tables that are presented in the application that I am using

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after each loop, you need assign they to other data
if not they overwrite and get value last value

Try changeing the data table scope outside For activity

Check if you used the “Next” page option


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Can you please elaborate a little?

And why are you doing in loop? Is it because there are multiple pages if yes then directly there is an option to indicate next button and extract all without loop

If that is not the case then please give more details


The problem is that I have a list where I have to go through it and for each row that I go through it brings me a new data table, I need to capture it for each data table belonging to that list, and it only takes the data table with which I perform the extraction to map table.


That means the selector of the table extraction is the issue…can you make it dynamic and remove any static details that talk about your first page or so


I have not yet been able to change any of the values ​​that the data extract table brings by default or takes what I am looking for because if I change any value it fails and does not bring any type of data. I have not been able to apply the strict selector

Captura de pantalla 2023-08-14 121452


Can you show the selector of table in ui explorer

Also it would be good to try combinations to get the table highlighted with as less attributes as possible to identify any table on page instead of specific name or id


hi is this the selector


  1. Look alike it is a java based window…
  2. In the window selector tnat is the first line the parent window name is changing? If so you need to use wild card characters like *
  3. To check if there are any differences you can indicate one more table and see the selector sifferences and select only those which are common between both

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The only difference between that table and another is the idx parameter, which always changes when selecting the data table but I don’t know where it takes that value from.


Are there multiple tables?

Try using class and all and see if idx becomes 1


It is the same table, but the content of its rows changes, the columns do remain the same

What you suggest is that I put * in the idx attribute

Or as it would be, you could show a screenshot with what you suggest


  • will not work…but as you need to find the table…

First indicate a column which is unique only in the table…then use the selector inside find children activity and select parent…which will give you the tr use that in another find children with parent …that gives the selector for table…use that selector in your table extraction

So flow looks like this

  1. Find children to find parent with selector of a column(td)
  2. Find children to find parent with selector returned in step1
  3. Table extraction with selector from step2


I’m sorry I’m new to this, and I don’t understand what you are saying, could you help me with images of what it would look like, I would really appreciate it


It looks something like this

Find.Descendants is what you need to select

And the output of fist activity is to be given as input to secondaas below

then output of second goes to third into selector field


Hi @yorman2330

If the datatable is changing in the website but the bot is extracting the same datatable.

If yes, then open the properties of extract datatable activity. Open the strict selector option and Copy the selectors of Strict selectors and open the fuzzy selectors option clear the selectors in fuzzy and paste the copied strict selectors here.

I already done with this it’s working for me. Let make a try like this.

Hope it helps!!

Hi, @mkankatala , I try this, is not worked for my :smiling_face_with_tear: