ExtractDataTable not working when script is in execution phase

Hey everyone, I am trying to extract values from a scroller using ExtractDataTable it works fine when I use test extraction but when I save and close the browser and run the script my BOT didn’t Extract anything from the table and throws a warning. I am curious that it works fine when I manually test the extraction but failed when the BOT is in execution phase.

Any help will highly be appreciated.

Attached herewith is the table screenshot and warning.


So, when you are closing the browser and reopening it’s not able to extract the data means the selector is changing

So, try to build dynamic selector by comparing different selectors


Thanks for the reply. How can I do that in table extraction?

Hi @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch - When you start the bot execution, is it opening that specific web page to extract the data?

Yes, it is performing all other steps just not extracting the table sadly

@Muhammad_Anas_Baloch - Try login to application using bot, and stop the process before extraction step, now validate the selector of ExtractTableData activity. This is to know is there any selector changing after the bot starts

If this didn’t work, how about using CV activities. With CV Extract Table there is a capability to scroll, during run time


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