How to get single item in table from website in Uipath

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Please find the example below for more understanding.

This is the table I have after i searched the from the website

My question is, how can I get the “3000 000003” if the item No = “0804027” (this number is come from excel, so that I can read this number from excel and “search” from this table) and store “3000 000003” into excel sheet. I’m able to get all the data from this table by using data scraping but i’m not sure what to do to get the single item in the table. Is anyone know what to do?

This is the excel I have

This is the result I want to see

Appreciate someone can help on this issue. Thanks.

Hi @Srini84,
Not sure if you know how to do this? Appreciate your help too. Thanks.


Can you share the excel file you got from data scrapping?


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what you can do is extract the complete table from the website and store in a data table. later use that data table to filter rows using filter data table in that you can pass the excel value by storing in a variable. and after you get the value write in the excel file.

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testing.xlsx (9.8 KB)
This is the original excel I have, the column highlighted in Red is use to search order number from website, the column highlighted in yellow is use to search the itemNo so that I can get PositionNo that I mentioned above

okay got it.
use for each row store both value in variable search that on website once found use get text activity to get the value and save in a variable.
or else
can you extract the complete table from the website where you want to search the value?
if yes then the process would be much easier that i mentioned in previous reply

Hi @Parth_Doshi,
Thanks for your reply, let me try it out and I will get back to you later. Thanks.

Hi @Parth_Doshi, do you have any example can show me? Thanks.

Hi @Srini84, do you have any idea for this question? Thanks.

This video might help you:

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Thanks for the video, but i’m still quite blur on this for my case, are you able to do a example for my case? Thanks.

Sure, I will try to make a video on it.
Do you mind sending the website link if it is not confidential.

Hi, the website is intranet, so I’m unable to provide you the link. Sorry about that.

no problem

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Hope to see your video soon! Thanks in advance!

Hi @Parth_Doshi,

Please let me know once u have uploaded the video ya. Thanks a lot!

You have my contact details in the video description of the previous video. reach out to me there and we can solve this. @ack940129