How to scrap values from web which is in form of table



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How to grab the values from a table which is displayed in a web. I want to grab to values and display it in message box. Lets take example of Array a[4][8]. The Column header is “EName”. Where I want a[0][1],a[0][2],a[0][3],a[0][4],a[0][5],a[0][6],a[0][7],a[0][8]. Only row values of first column are required(the data will be in web).

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Hi @srikanth999

You can use Data scraping Activity to scrape the structured data from the web page. The scraped data will be stored in DataTable format. You can use For Each Row activity for looping the data in datatable and logic your required output.

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Hi Ranjith,

Thanks for your response, I tried it ,its working fine with only that URL, If I am automating it for multiple URL’s(lets say 10), its fetching same data of the first URL irrespective of current ULR. Could you suggest any way.


You have to navigate to the particular URL every time where you have to scrape the data ,for which you can use Navigate To activity and you have to change the Data scraping selectors for each URL.