Scrapping the data

Hii all…
I have to scrap the particular data from the webpage using classic mode and store it to the excel file. In that webpage the data is looks like,
Registration No: xxxxx
Owner Name: yyyy
Vehicle Class:zzz
if I scrap this data, it store like the whole column names are in one column and the whole values are in another column. but i have store it as data table manner. how can i do that?
TIA! :slight_smile:

@soundarya.a What activity you are using?
are you try with Data Scrapping?

yes I tried with the data scraping.
by using that i got a output like which i have mentioned before.

@soundarya.a can you give me screenshot here so I can give you feedback

@soundarya.a Kindly share the screen shot of web page

also send the ouput you got

@soundarya.a please use data scrapping and show us output as well

If possible kindly share the weblink

Hello @soundarya.a

Are you extracting the data from a table in webpage? If yes, it will come like that if you are using Table extraction. Will it be possible to share the ss of the workflow and the application?


After clicking the data scraping button in UiPath, you have to create a pattern for scraping means firstly select a specific column and then again selects it’s another value, in this way it will create a pattern for every field and extract data effectively, and if issue remains unsolved post the screenshot of it


Hafiz Mohammad Ahsan