Extract data from Travel website

Need to Go to travel website select the hotels with 5 rating and extract all the hotel name from the website into excel

What is the issue that you are facing?

Not sure how to extract data from website

If you are new to UiPath please go through the UiPath academy to help through your learning journey, for table extraction the following course would be helpful. User Interface (UI) Automation with Modern Design in Studio

Using Table extraction wizard in modern design or data scrapping in classic experience is very easy to use and self explanatory.


If you come across any issue while using it , you can mention the error here and we can help.

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Hi @Taruna_Gupta

Use data scarping which will extra the data as peryour selected columns

Hope this helps

Hi @Taruna_Gupta ,
Have a lot of way to extract data from website.
Can you share image or link about your website to clear requirements?