New Uipath User- Need Help with an Automation

Hi all,

I am new to Uipath, and I am trying to use the Data Scraping tool to get the first five results from a search on a website and then put it in an excel document, but Uipath won’t let me select a specific enough region on the website; it’s only letting me select a whole entire region rather than a few specific words of text indicating price of hotel or hotel name. Any ideas of how to make this more specific? I thought about using Screen Scraping, but I don’t know how to use this in a way that repeats for multiple searches.

Hi @creavycat

Maybe you need share with us some detail by screenshot.
If you only select a whole entire region rather than a few specific item,
the usual problem is that the browser extension was not installed.

I think you took automatic scraping option.
Can you try ignoring automatic option and click ‘next’ button to scrape second or third element?

Thank you for your responses: here’s a pick of what comes up when I highlight the area I am trying to use Data Scraping with. I want to put the hotel name in one column, the price in another, and the review out of 5 stars in the last column, but it’s only letting me highlight the general information with a ton of text rather than highlight each individual section to put into a column. Any ideas?

Hi, I posted a screen shot below. I’m using Internet Explorer, which I didn’t think required a browser extension; would that help?

It’s easy to understand thanks to your picture.
I think you will be able to handling the selector so that solve this situation.