I have Multiple Tables(Dynamic) in a Webpage with the same pattern. I have to extract the data from each table and concatenate to a Datatable. I have seen an approach using Data scrapping with Find children. I was able to extract only the first table.Help



Please try checking the xml structure or the metadata structure if its coming same for all…if not try modifying it a bit to fit for all…

And also after find children I guess you need to verify if all the tables that you are getting …you can print the selectors and check that or run in debug and check from locals panel…

Hope this helps


Hi @companir,

  1. Use the Data Scraping wizard to extract data from the first table as you have done before. When you reach the step where you need to indicate the data to extract, select the table using the “Indicate Table” button.
  2. After extracting the data from the first table, you will see a new “Extract Structured Data” activity in your workflow. Right-click on this activity and select “Duplicate” to create a copy of this activity.
  3. Open the duplicated “Extract Structured Data” activity and click on the “Indicate Table” button again to select the second table.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each table you want to extract data from, creating a new “Extract Structured Data” activity for each table.
  5. To concatenate the data from each table into a single datatable, use the “Merge Data Table” activity. Add all of the extracted datatables as input and select the columns you want to include in the merged datatable.
  6. Finally, use the merged datatable as needed in your workflow.

The webpage can have multiple tables, it can have 1 table or 2 tables or 10 tables max. I have to extract all the data. We can proceed in your way only if we have fixed number of tables. But in my case its dynamic.