For each UI Element + Extract Table data scrapping issue

Hello, I’m using For each UI Element in order to perform repetitive clicks on multiple pages to get each contact email. My next activity after that is to Extract data from those pages as well.

However, on both activity I have to select “Extract data on multiples pages” and select the next button. It seems like since I’m selecting that option on both task I’m facing an issue that my repetitive click is being bypass and I end up with everything on my excel workbook except the emails that I need. Here’s my Main sequence. Please help me as I’m new to this. Thank you very much in advance!


After click is it redirected to a different page?

And what is missing can you show some screenshots

Also the next button for both loop might be different right?
Is it identified properly?


@Anil_G ,

When I run the sequence without selecting “Extract data on multiple pages” and I’m only doing it on the first page for example, it works , the repetitive click reveal each contact emails as you can see here and all the data include in the page is copied to my excel workbook.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.38.13 AM

However when I select multiple pages options, It starts the task but does not reveal any of the emails, so I end up with all the contacts but their email is still hidden.

Here’s the results of multiple pages. For some reasons it shows the 2 first email but the rest is still hidden.


so I believe once you click the particular row would get activated is it? and then you can see email?

if that si the case then first use do while activity and then inside that use for each ui element to click and after for each and inside do while use a extract datatable and do not indicate next button in extract datatable and also in for each ui elemnt

after extract use a merge datatable and merge the datatble to a consolidated table

after the merge use a element exists and check if next button is present and assign a boolean variable to output of check appstate/element exists

and use that boolean variable as the condition for dowhile


@Anil_G I have added “Merge Data Table” below “Extract Table Data” but I do not know what to write in Source & Destination. Please let me know if the activities order is correct. Thanks!!


I hope you used a while loop also and element exists/check app state after and not indicated next in extract…

And coming to merge…destination create a new datatable say consolidatedtable…and source would be the extracted table in extract datatable activity