Extract data from large image file

Hi all, i trying getting data from image file, but it’s seem my image to large to OCR can read my file. So how can i solve this problem ?, please help me !, sorry because my English is so bad.


Use any OCR engine and indicate that image to read the text from it. Are you getting any error here ?


I would suggest you to use python script to scrape image text …
It’s much faster and accurate too.


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sorry but i can’t completed understand your answer.

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thank u for support, but i use MS OCR so my is image is result from load image activity so i don’t need indicate to get text from my image.

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Even we had the same challenge, so we tried with alternative approach using python script to scrape text from scanned images and then we ran from uipath by invoked python script .



thank you for this solution, but i think this solution can took so much time to get it. So i need a faster way to solve it, and i will reduce the size of picture in spite of i don’t want this.
If i have the time, i will learn python script to use in uipath, can you suport me :grin: ?

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