How to Extract Data From Image by using python Scrpt

i have image file save in pdf format i want to extract the data for that image file.if any one knows please help me.

Hi @sachin_sharma

Have you tried by using CV Scope Activities

Ashwin S

hi AshwinS2 i think this is not work,just see that attached fileBSNL.pdf (447.0 KB)

you can use Abbyy OCR to extarct PDF data !

hi Pradeep_Shiv i tried with Abby thanks for suggestion but i want with Python Script

using python script you can use tesseract ocr

can you send me that code if you have

integrating in uipath?

can you send me both

sorry i cant send you the python scriptIntegrate With Python.xaml (9.5 KB)
but here is how to invoke and call function and get your desired output

how i can extract data from that code

what ever you do to extract is in python script, you just have to integrate with uipath
and call main function of your code and get the output

hi @Pradeep_Shiv
can you share where can I find python script to integrate in ui path