Extracting complete data from images

I want to extract complete data from images to text file . Can anyone please tell me how can i achieve this?
Below are the screenshots



For extracting the data from Images yes, we need to use OCR’s

But there are differences in OCR’s

Free OCR’s - This will work if you have more structured and high DPI images, nothing but clear scan with good quality

OCR’s with Pattern recoginization / ML - UiPath Document Understanding, Abbyy, but these are not free, but you can train the documents and capable of extracting the text from these type of images

I suggest to try with UiPath document understanding, check below

For learning this, check in academy

Hope this may help you


I am using UIpath Screen OCR engine to extract data from jpg image but i am getting error as invalid api key though i am using the api key from cloud.uipath.com Can anyone please help me with this issue?
Below are the screenshots