Read image from OCR


I know there is ‘Read PDF from OCR’ but I wanted to ask
if there is also ‘Read image from OCR’ which would detect text from an image file rather than PDF file.
I know there is ‘Get OCR Text’ but you need to screen scrape so I’m asking a way to extract texts from image files.
Thank you!

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Hi @spark323

Check this

AI Computer Vision is Now Available for Preview - #79 by ANSHUL


Give a try to pass the Image variable as of Type Image to the ocr Engine directly

Checkout here the input section. Same should be valid for microsoft ocr engine

Cool! Thank you for the replies guys. :slight_smile:

Hi @spark323

you can use this as your reference.

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@spark323 Hi, once you have done with your implementation can you provide some feedback on how it was implemented, which post was helpping … etc. So others can benefit from this. Thanks

I have used ‘Load Image’ and then directly feed the OCR engine like the attached screenshot.
Thanks for your help!


:+1: Perfect so its solved and you can flag the solution post

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