Extract data from excel sheet to build a datatable

Hi! I want to extract data from 2 different sheets from 1 excel file, and I want to build 2 different data tables (one per sheet). As you can see in the image, I already tried to do this but I always have the same error in the assign “the origin doesn’t contains data rows”, so I think my Data Tables are empty. I can’t write data rows in “Build data table” activity because the rows are always changing. Can you help me please?

@Andre_Almeida The Extraction of Data from two different Sheets of Excel File is already being done by the Read Range and if you have provided two different Datatable variables you have got two Datatables with those Steps. What are you trying to do in the Assign Statement? Can you explain the process what you want to do?

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I am trying to do a join table (“left excluding join”).
Inside my assign I have :
(From t1 In dt1.AsEnumerable() Group Join t2 In dt2.AsEnumerable() On t1.Field(Of String)(“Column1”) Equals t2.Field(Of String)(“Column1”) Into tg = Group From tcheck In tg.DefaultIfEmpty() Where tcheck Is Nothing Select t1).CopyToDataTable

@Andre_Almeida Have you tried to use Join Datatables Activity ?

Yes but I can’t use it because I want to extract the data from both tables that doesn’t match…

I have seen this in the topic above

@Andre_Almeida Are you Still using the Build datatable ?

No, I am just using read range

@Andre_Almeida Do you Still get the same error after execution ?

Yes exactly the same, I don’t understand
Do you want me to send you my xaml?

@Andre_Almeida If Possible send with the Excel Files or Sample Excel Files that contain some Data with same Headers :sweat_smile:

Sequência.xaml (42.2 KB)

faturasNOS1.xlsx (10.8 KB)

@Andre_Almeida Will the two Excel Files have One Column Always?

Yes they will

@Andre_Almeida If there are only 1 columns on both side there is no need of join operation, as you just want to exclude the rows which is equal on the Other Sheet. I have made an Except Operation, which I believe is the Operation you need. If this is not what you wanted please explain in detail the Process. I have made a separate worklflow, check it and implement in your workflow if that is what you needed.
JoinDT.zip (10.4 KB)


Perfect!! You’re the best!
I have to make you another question, but I will open a new topic and close this one! Please answer because It’s related with this excel new table.

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