Excel conversion

i have two excel file and i want extract the data from purchase order excel file to Purchase Order12349843_13Dec21_10_52_47_AM
but in purchase order excel file the data in table or you can say structured format and that data i want to take and write in Purchase Order12349843_13Dec21_10_52_47_AM excel file so i want to take specific data as per the column are present in Purchase Order12349843_13Dec21_10_52_47_AM excel file

Purchase Order12349843_13Dec21_10_52_47_AM.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Purchase Order.xlsx (9.6 KB)


If it’s a fixed format, then you can try as below

Read Range activity to read the sheet to Datatable variable

Check the rows you are able to extract the data

and now using Regex you can extract the data and using build datatable activity build the schema of the output datatable

Using write range you can write back to excel

Try and let us know if any challenges faced

Hope this will help you


sorry sir,
i can’t understand can you please build the logic for this and then send me that xml file

Dear sir,
i am waiting for your response sir


I don’t have a chance to build the xaml file currently

But you can use Read Range activity and check how the datatable output is

based upon the output you can retrieve the data

For writing to datatable again you have to build a datatable with the columns you shown in output file

Hope this will help you


okay sir
i’ll try sir


Nice, Try and let us know where you struck

So that forum members are happy to help you

For reference of Datatable data retrival / write back you can refer below usecases


Hope these help you


Dear sir i tried sir but it’s not working sir
if you have some logic related to this then please send me sir


Please share your project file as zip

We can look into that


okay sir