I want to extract certain columns only in my new data table

hi Guys,

I’m trying to extract certain columns of entire rows in my new data table from an excel sheet without filtering.
Could you please help?

I used Each row and Add data row but… i guess i’m doing something wrong… and I don’t actually quite understand how to build a new data table based on an excel sheet or to view certain data only in the new data table.
I’m going through UIpath Academy but still cannot practice the knowledge in my actual studio.

Also, if you know an useful and easy to understand link for me to learn the linkage between reading excel data and building a data table using each row, please share it to me.


Main (text).xaml (12.7 KB) Invoice Detail by Suppliers New.xlsx (975.7 KB)

I have a running process so I cannot test what I post here, sorry.

The main difference is in the AddDataRow activity’s ArrayRow value. Note that I use the ReadRange (and WriteRange) from System.File.Workbook.


ExtractEssentialData.xaml (8.9 KB)

Workflow screenshot


Read Range activity


AddDataRow properties


Thanks for yours…

My data sheet doesn’t have a header and because of this, the following problem occurs…

You can get rid of ColumnName input and use ColumnIndex instead. The index begins at 0

Oh now i got the result, finally.


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