Find text from excel in webpage

Hello! I’m making a program that needs to search each of those rows in the excel datatable above in the webpage above, and after the search is complete, the program needs to click in “Obter documentos” button. After that, this row has to be moved from “output” sheet to sheet 1 (“Folha1”). Can anyone help me?


@Andre_Almeida Can you Indicate the Faturo Numero Value using a Get Text Activity and Share the Screenshot of the Selector in UiExplorer with it being validated.

Sorry I didn’t understand, are you talking about his?


@Andre_Almeida No. Click on the 3 Dots and there you will get the option to open in UiExplorer. Click on that and Indicate the Element again using Indicate Element Option. You can find more about UiExplorer in this link below :

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Ok but I need to get text from excel, no? And maybe do a for each row activity

First off all you need to get whole text to the excel. In order to do that, create a loop and use get text activity. Use dynamic selector for get text activity. So you should find dynamic selectors for every object in row.

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@Andre_Almeida Yes. We’ll need to Loop through the text using For Each, But to loop through we need to know how to loop one by one Element. At first, Can you try Data Scraping and Check if you are able to Scraped the Data as a Table properly.

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But I already have the text in excel, as you can see in my first post. The data table in “output” sheet is what I need to find in the webpage. Sorry if I am not understanding what you are saying…

I’m able to scrape data like this:


@Andre_Almeida I think you need to use the UiExplorer and Send the Screenshot of the Selector :sweat_smile: , The Data is not Extracted properly. By any chance is the site public or do you have Credentials to login to the site ?

I have the credentials to login :pensive:

@Andre_Almeida No Problem , you can do the process by yourself after you have got the Selectors in hand. If you share the Screenshot of the Selector of the field which you want to Compare then Half of the work is already done. Also if you keep looking at different posts in here , you won’t be needing any help either. :sweat_smile:

Sorry but Ui Explorer is new for me… If I choose just one cell my result is this:

@Andre_Almeida Not the Excel File :sweat_smile: , Click on the value in the web page that you had shown.

Aaaaaaaah ok this one :sweat_smile:


@Andre_Almeida Yes. But looks like you have indicated the wrong field, The field that we are comparing is Faturo numero right ?

Yes I indicate this number…

@Andre_Almeida Can you click the field again and check in the Selector if you are able to get the FT value or not ?

I think now is ok because I can see the “fatura numero” in the right side, no?

@Andre_Almeida Yes. Now Select aaname and parentclass from the right panel. It Should get included in the Selector. After that remove idx attribute and check if the Selector gets Validated.

If it get’s validated, that means it is the proper Selector that we’ll need to use. But Use another Click Activity and indicate the Second row in the web page. Check if the parentclass value is same as the previous Selector. If it is same good else remove parent class attribute as well.

Send Screenshot of the final Selector after you have performed these steps.