Extract certain selector information


Say i have a ui element and in the selector its tableRow = 2. Is there a way to extract the table row value and store it in a variable? Based on the value of that variable i will use it in another selector


Hi. Does the Get Attribute activity work for you? You should be able to place the element variable or selector in the Target, and specify the attribute like tableRow. There might also be a way directly with element.Selector, but I am unsure.



How can I use the Get Attribute Activity,please


Hi @miracle
First, you need to identify the attribute you want to retrieve. You can do this in UiExplorer if you are not sure which attributes you can pick from. However, some attributes will not show here. For example, “text”, “innertext”, or “value” might be the attribute for the visible text for most elements or “items” might be the attribute for the list of things in a listbox or dropdown.

Then, simply place the attribute in the activity.