Assign a Variable the value from a Selector's Tag

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I think this is a good one: I have the information from any ‘Selector’ (see below) and I need to use the value from one of its Tags, in this case the ‘Integer’ inside ‘innertext’ or ‘aaname’, either one.

Is there anyway to extract the info from it and assign it to a variable?, please see below:

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please attach your image/source code for refer


  1. Use Find element activity. Put the selector you have. The output of this activity will be of data type UiElelment
  2. Use Get attribute activity, pass the element found in the first step into the Target Element property and specify in attribute property as “aaname” (if want to retrieve name, then “name”).
  3. The output will be the property value.
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Thx @madhavi , I’ll give it a try!

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Hi @Doanh,

Just trying to get the number 12 from those tag names, either aaname or innertext into a Variable so I can use that var for something else.

Here’s the image then:


You can use Get Attribute to get “aaname”, “innertext” of that item

Eureka, thank GOD! that’s it!

Thank you @ Madhavi , your help is well appreciated. Muy bien!

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