Find element and get attribute

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a very basic question. When do we use the “Find element” and “Get attribute” activities? Can someone please quote use-cases where you use these activities?

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  • Find element activity is useful when you want to identify a an UiElement from a screen.
    Lets say, I have to find a text box. I can use that activity. The output will be of UiElement type. the output can be used instead of selectors for activities like Type into or click,

  • Selectors have attributes. When you need to get the value of an attribute , you will use Get attribute. You will have to pass the Attribute name to retrieve the value.
    For example, I have radio button. I need to know if it is selected or not. Then, I will spy that element and pass the attribute as “checked”, I will get the value of the element.


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Hello Sugumar,

Thank you for the response. Are these genereally used together ? or can they be used seperately … can we loop thru’ the findelement output/get attribute output ?

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@Hara_Gopal Need not to be used together. They are independent.

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