Exporting files from Chrome Power Bi Visualization

Hi All,

I need help finding a way to export Power Bi Visualizations. Manually, you click on the elipses. However, I can’t seem to get the bot to reliably identify it because you have to either hover around the toolbar or click to get this to show up:


Any help would be greatly appraciated


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Is there any options from the menu that can help?

Alternately you can use hover mouse to hover and then perform a click activity


Hi @GBot ,

Could you please let us know your exporting the power BI visualizations to where. are you exporting to excel?


Yes, I am trying to export them to excel.

Hovering was the first thing I tried, it isn’t very reliable and it’s hard to pinpoint the hover area. It varies for different reports.


Right click on the hover area would not provide snything?

You can check for any menu options as well

Also if the button is present without even hover is what you can check so that we can click using simulate


Not reliably. That menu bar remains hidden and is only available by either hovering in the general area or clicking somewhere near the filter line. The issue is that this needs to be done for multiple reports/visualizations. There are ten or so that need to be exported. For some, you hover at the end, others the menu bar comes up at the bottom with a hover, some it comes up at the top. Overall, they aren’t all the same and where you hover isn’t the same either.

Bumping…sorry. Really trying to work through this. Is there a way to not use indicators or some other way to export to excel?


If access can be provided then we xna check