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I need to expand a filter for a drop down using expand tool that appears to the bottom right corner of drop down list. How can I do this?

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Did we try to just click on that drop down with CLICK activity with click type property as DOUBLE

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Please use a click activity on the arrow element…If the selector is not reliable then use anchor base…if you are not able to select at all then you can use offset option in click to click at the right bottom


Thank you, @Palaniyappan and @Anil_G

Click not working. Manually I am dragging the expand tool diagonally from the bottom right corner of the list.

Hmm fine
Is there any way you can do with keyboard because same key strokes can be tried with Send Hot key activity



Please check this

you can change the offset properties and drag the item


Thank you @Anil_G
I put offset as -10 and -10
It correctly targeting the expand area.
However instead of expanding, it is decreasing the area. I am missing something.

I am doing click - down - left click
Followed by
Click up left click

Thank you.
Also thank you, @Palaniyappan


Try -10 and 10 instead of both negative…then it might expand


Thank you, @Anil_G

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