Selecting an item from dialog box

Hello everyone, UiPath newbie here?
is there anyway where I can select that button,
I can’t click it.

I need to navigate to a certain report, unfortunately it can locate somewhere in the middle, so i have to use that button to somehow filter it

Have you used select item activity?

No I haven’t try it yet
but i drag that activity to my workflow

i used select item activity and clicked, the “indicate element inside window” .
should i select that first option?

You can indicate the Drop Drown element of Name from your application and after indicating you will get the values in the Select item Activity Dropdown.

Unfortunately, seems like it 's not a dropdown? I’m not sure.
seems like its a hidable button to sort the table,

I must click that button to somehow filter the table and navigate to the necessary report and click it, please help me


Did you try usinf ui explorer…click on options and select the ui framework as active accessibility and then try to indicate and check if you are able to find the button


i already tried UI explorer, button selector doesn’t appear on it


You tried different modes as well?

Then one option you have is to use offset in the click options…and you can select top right and give some offset value…so that instead of clicking in the centre it will click on the right side of the element


thank you . i’m on it

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Is this what you meant?
i got the value of offset x and offset y in ui explorer



Yes this is what i meant…change the x and y values and use 20 and 20 or so…and from cursor position use top right or bottom Right