Not able to click the


I am working on application soi want to click the tools then process but I’m not able to use click I can’t change the selector how the click will work



If you are trying to click on that drop down you could try using type intos and using tab or the down arrow instead

so click on “tools” then use down arrow instead of click to access process

No that’s not drop down
Click on tool the click on process
Den click end of day

you can down arrow to process, then use enter in a type into then arrow down again

In your second screenshot, idx=‘4’ in selector correctly refer to the process (4th item in list). You can try same thing for “Day End Process”. Just keep 2-3 seconds delay between the click activities.


You could use hot keys, i can see “O” underlined in Tools and “D” underlined in End Day Process.

Hotkeys should work just fine. Use Activity Send Hotkeys in classic / Keyboard shortcuts if using modern design.

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