Execution suspended - IntelligentOCR Package

Hi friends, I used code from this and I keep getting below message.

" SampleDUActionCenterIntegration execution suspended in: 00:00:03"
Any clue ? (Thanks for your help!!)

  1. I am using Studio pro community - 2020.4.1
  2. I am using only two files.
  3. Even after I press on continue it gets suspended.
  4. At below stage it gets suspended.


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@Ioana_Gligan, Could you please help ? I am not sure if this message can be seen by you. Sorry if I am bipassing any protocol.

Hello @viswanarahari,

This is expected behavior: when the robot reaches a point where there is a “Wait for… and Resume” activity, like in your example, then it waits for the Action created in Action Center (and captured in the Action Object input of the wait for activity) to be completed in Action Center.

This is the point in which you should check if in your Actions list you have the created action, open it, assign it to yourself, complete it (by saving the extracted data).

After this step, you should be able to go back to your Studio and click Resume and the process continues.

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Hi Ioana, Sincere thanks to your reply.

I do not see any Action Center coming up on my PC. Should I manually start action center or I am looking at a wrong place ?

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Please ignore above question I see it on Orchestrator. I will take a look and get back.

Thanks again,

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I thought once you complete the action (e.g. saving the extracted data) in the orchestrator action center, Robot (or Studio) will/should automatically resume the rest of the processes. Wouldn’t it be a hassle if I have to go back to the Studio (or Robot) and manually click the “Resume” button to continue the remaining process in real-life scenario?

In a real world scenario, you would not execute a process by starting it from Studio. if a process is published to orchestrator and started via the robot tray or through an orchestrator trigger, then when a workflow gets resumed, the orchestrator finds a robot to continue the workflow without you having to manually “resume” it - that’s the whole idea :slight_smile:

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were you able to iterate through 2 files?

i am getting error when i am using the wait for document validation action and resume

my scenario is i have multiple files in folder and i want to process
for first iteration it is able to read and push request to Orchestrator.
upon validation completion on orchestrator
i resume in studio it is able to execute and extract the results
after that the loop goes for next file i am getting error.

Please check the scope of your variables. In a parallel for each the changing variables should be in the scope of the parallel for each body only, otherwise different branches overwrite your objects and they get all mixed up :slight_smile: