Wait For Document Validation Action And Resume not getting executed

Working in a DU project. Trying to validate the fields from a invoice file using Action Centre. Issue is “Wait For Document Validation Action And Resume” not getting executed after Create Document Validation Action activity is performed. In action centre pending actions are getting completed and relevant zip files are also available in Storage bucket. Project has all current packages and Support Persistence is also enabled in general settings.

Action Centre Screen Shot

Storage Bucket Screen Shot

Relevant package details

Setting Screen Shot

Sample Invoice File
Receipt_05Mar2023_134625.pdf (27.6 KB)

XAML Project File
Main.xaml (51.7 KB)

Hi @Arijit_Sarkar ,

If we are testing or working or executing in Studio, then we would need to manually click on the Resume button in Studio for the Process to continue after the Action has been submitted.

When deployed in an unattended fashion you wouldn’t need to do this part, it will automatically resume the workflow.

I am not getting the Resume Button while running the workflow from studio. It is showing the Stop button.

@Arijit_Sarkar ,

When checked your Workflow, it seems you have used For Each activity, instead you could try using Parallel For Each activity.

We would also need to be familiar with the best practices of Long Running workflows when involved with Persistence or Action Center related tasks.

Still it is not working with Parallel For Each. :frowning:

HI @Arijit_Sarkar

Were you able to resolve this issue?

Can you confirm if you started encountering this issue after any Studio update?

Please let us know if you have any update on this.

Thanks and Regards.

Yes, this started after studio update back in April. Currently issue is partially resolved. Wait For Document Validation is working on any single document, but while trying to run this activity inside For Each loop to validate multiple documents it is not working, and Resume Button is not reflecting in Studio.

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