Execution on RDP via different laptop


I am facing weird issue. I have my UiPath studio and software setup on a remote machine and when I run the created workflow through my user, it works good.

Now when I ask another user to remotely connect to that machine using my credentials and run that workflow, the workflow execution fails.

Any possible reason for this behavior?



Where is it failing?

Can you provide more details


@Anil_G Hi, the execution does not start at all. It fails to launch the required application itself where the workflow has to run even though the application is present.


Is the remote extension added in the given new system as well?

and is the application path different in both systems?


@Anil_G the application path is same as the remote machine is same, extension is also added. The only difference is that the user accessing that remote machine is different but the accessed machine user is still same.

Let me try explaining again to avoid confusion.

Laptop A user -.> accesses remote machine B with user C credentials

Laptop C user → accesses remote machine B with user C credentials

Here user C is same, so there are 2 users involved trying to use one single robot (independently and not at same time) on remote machine B.

User C is able to run workflows successfully on remote machine B, but user A is facing issues in running workflows on remote machine B.