RDP Session Running UiPath Fails On PC Lock

Hi All,

Got a strange one which I can’t really put my finger on.

I have a virtual server which I use for all sorts, including UiPath. When I set a process running on the virtual server it runs fine, however if I lock my ACTUAL machine the process on the remote server dies.

Is there anything anyone is aware of as to why this may be happening? Does a PC lock also put a lock on RDP sessions?

Apologies this isn’t particularly UiPath related in a programming sense but wanted to pick some like-minded brains as to why this is happening when I lock my PC which shouldn’t have any impact on a virtual server.

Thank You


This is the common issue most of us are facing, there are multiple ways to fix this but i have no clue definitely which one will work: i will suggest you for trail and error for all following methods:

• Setting up the rdp RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimizedin the registry: UI Path scripts are failing when RDP is disconnected

• Use launch Interactive invoke workflow activity while invoking the wokflow.
• Config RDP timeout to create user session.
• Check simulate Type/Windows Type for background automation.



Thank you for your swift response! Amending the registry certainly seems to have done the trick. I can now minimise and lock my screen and it seems to keep the session running.

I will need to test further but seems good for now!

Thank you for your help