RDP Extension Community Version


I am trying to use the remote Desktop Extension with no luck in the studio version. Can any one please guide me with the steps. I have already referred to the guide of UiPath with no luck.

Can any one who has tried it help me out understanding what I might be doing wrong and also be able to connect on a quick call and helping me out.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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We would be able to see the option from studio itself buddy
Where we facing any issue on that

Hi @Palaniyappan
I hope you are doing good!!!
The extension is either not working or might require some step that I am not able to follow as I am not able to find any selectors in the Remote Desktop!!!

Did you get a chance to work on this?

Were we able to find the option to install it from studio
May I know the studio version we have

I am currently using the community version 2019.12.0-beta.61