Excel Workspace YYYYMMDD in file name no extension works only partly

Hi all,

I am just starting to learn RPA and was following the “Get started with StudioX” track.
When i was executing the “Automate files and folder names” assignment I ran into a small issue.

In the Excel_Workspace you need to enter a specific formula (=LEFT(B7; LEN(B7)-LEN(B8)-1)&“Parkerindustries”&YYYYMMDD) for File name no extension. Then in the file name it should mention the current date (“20200213” in this case). But when I enter this formula it is only party converted into a date (YYYY0213).

Does anybody has a clue what could be the issue or what I could change?


Good morning Teun,

Try making the “YYYY” lowercase “yyyy” instead.

Does this resolve your issue?

If not, you may want to use the TEXT function to format the date.

Ex: Text(CellWithDate, “yyyyMMdd”)

Hi chenderson,
I have same problem. There is necessary update formula on sheet “Date” - cell C8. For Czech languaga I have to replace (Date;“YYYYMMDD”) by (Date;“RRRRMMDD”).

The format pattern for dates comes from the Windows locale settings.