YYYYMMDD only gives back the month

I am trying to use the YYYYMMDD Formular in the project notebook. The results is …YYYY05DDD… I do not know why the year and day placeholders are not properly filled.
Any ideas?

Could you please share the screenshots of your workflow? or may be your workflow?

please use “yyyy” instead of “YYYY” and “dd” instead of “DD”. Hope this helps


HI Ashish,
I am using StudioX, the expression ‘yyyyMMdd’ gets automatically replaced by ‘YYYYMMDD’ in the project notebook.

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Hi Ashish,
I figured it out. The issue is caused by different language versions of Windows and Office. I need to use a different date notation.
Have a good day.


awesome :slightly_smiling_face:
have a good day :slight_smile:

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