Copy file - get file info

Reports<[Notes.Sheet(“Date”).Cell(“YYYYMMDD”)]><[Saved.Values(Of FileInfo)(“TemplateInformation”).Name]>
Hello there,
Using string above on Get file info step, the saved Excel file name it’s not following dateformat()
eg. \20200520 + <file_name>. i see \YYYY05DD + <file_name>.
either YEAR nor DAY get format just month is converted. Has someone same problem ?

Hi @Andrews,

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Thaks, i tried, trouble persists and it moves yyyy in uppercase as dd.
I tried also with single ', StudioX notify error before run.

Not sure what your trying to do. Can you please attach the workflow?

string.Format(“Reports{0}{1}”, Notes.Sheet(“Date”).Cell(“YYYYMMDD”), Saved.Values(Of FileInfo)(“TemplateInformation”).Name)

Sequence above doesn’t save file in dateformat as YYYYMMDD.
Results in filesystem is: YYYY05DDReport.xlsx

I think the problem is that you have Regional Settings in another language.
Please open project notebook go to Date sheet . What do you see in cell B9?

If you see YYYY05DD then this is the problem. Please modify the B9 formula with something else.

I see inside Date Op. and yes, i have different setting. Due to some limit I can’t change Reginal settings. so modified YYYY into AAAA format Dape Op. file show correct format but resulst doens’t chnage. will work out to find a solution.