StudioX For Each Row in Excel using VLookup

I’ve created a vlookup that simply looks at one excel (range C:C) and sees if match into another excel (range A:C) file.It works for the one row that I found a match on using the vlookup. However, when I try to put in inside an “Excel for Each Row” task, it doesn’t return a single cell but it does act like it is going through the motions(For each current row in range (C:C) with headers. It is a pretty simple vlookup (range is AA:CC), and a single cell to return (D:D) off another file. I’ll try to post a screenshot, if I can figure out how.

Hi there, I’m having the same issue. V-lookup is saved to the first row, but I would need to have outcomes on multiple rows along the range, all the way down, not just the first row.
Can anyone tell me how to do it all the way down?

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