Vlookup not working in StudioX

Am new to UiPath and learning by watching the learning videos.

Am trying to build a matching Excel activity. In this, i have a details file, which has the Account Number column. I need to get the Account Name, Cost Center & Cost Center name from a Master File and the common link between Details & Master file is the Account number.

I gave the below Vlookup activity, however the bot doesnt update the Account Name, Cost Center & Cost Center name columns from Master sheet and activity just closes. There is no error either.

Below is the screenshot

Firat thing i’ll try is to go to the for each activity property tab and change the default behavior when encounters empty rows. Let me know.
Can you post a picture of the fiiles, or at least the columns name of each table/range/sheet or just attach the files if you can so i can try myself.

Dear @studioX

Am using StudioX and i do not see the options to change the default behavior of the activity

The screenshot of lookup column name (Master_sheet) is below

The output says - last run successful, but if you notice, the lookup values are not found

Appreciate your help

Dear @studioX

Monthly file to be updated with the lookup values columns are (in Monthly file)

Dear @studioX

Screenshot of Vlookup activity

just click on the for each activity and on the right of the screen you have the properties panel.

also change the save to field to save to the new table where you want your values to be copied.
You are searching values from the first table and want to put them in the second table, right?

This is the properties screen (i do not have options)

I want the value from Master table, to update the Monthly File excel sheet, which i have opened for Each Row in Excel

click on the for each row activity and then on the properties tab. you are now seeing the properties for the vlookup

leave the save to as you had in your original post and change the behavior of the for each to “process”

I got the behavior properties in for each activity and changed it to process.

On run, i saw that it started to update the Name column, however it throws exception on the CC column name, and when i click on skip, it then updates the Cost Center Name and after that i do have few empty rows in between. The run continues, and throws error (below screenshot) for CC column name, but when i click on skip, it keeps updating the Name & Cost Center Name column.

Do you know how can i remove empty rows -

can you clear the sensitive data from files and attach here the project with the file so i can better debug?
just zip the project and the excel files, change the extension from zip to txt and attach it here.

Billing.txt.zip (399.3 KB) Files.Txt.zip (32.5 KB)

Dear @studioX

i’ve attached the files here

I recreated the Vlookup activity cards, and tested with the suggestion of @studioX to proceed with empty rows, this now works.

Thank you for your help.

Will appreciate if someone knows how to delete empty rows.

glad to hear it works.
sorry for the late response but i found that in your original wf you had an extra space in the column name, that’s why the error.

The issue was a mismatch between the column name picked for CurrentRow, "Cost Center ", and the name of the column in Excel “Cost Center”(no space). This probably happened because the original column you chose on the + sign contained the space, while the newly inserted one didn’t.
If you run into this issue, please make sure column names are not trailed by spaces, especially if you manipulate the columns themselves (e.g. insertion, deletion etc.)

seems that when you did the vlookup again you had it correct.

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