Excel - Visual Errors

Hi everyone !!

I am facing a issue, Where resultant Excel of my bot is with some visual errors,


Here if you see in the cell ,The data is incorrect but in the function bar, the data is Accurate, What’s happening?, Why the data is represented like that ?!

Kindly Help !!

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Hi @Rakesh_Sampath - This has nothing do with UiPath.
please check with Video.

Or You can write your value as “String” or Insert ’ (single Quote) in front the number…

if you open Excel type a 12 digit number, it will automatically turns into E+11



before you write to that excel, open the excel manually and then:

1- highlight column A, go to Data-> Text to columns
note: (column A must have at least 1 non-empty cell before you can click “text to columns”)

  1. keep pressing next until this page, when in this page, click “Text” then click finish

  2. highlight column A, right click and click format cells

  3. choose text

  4. next time you write to this excel it should appear fine like this


Hi @Rakesh_Sampath

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This issue is with the Excel itself, if you type a number more than 11 digits it will automatically convert into E+11 (exponent form).
Make the excel column in Text format.
Or if you are fetching this and saving it into Excel then create a template (having a column in Text format) for storing the data.

Thank You, Happy Coding!!!

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